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Emergeances at breakfast External growth, fundraising, how does it work?

Day of transmission
with Emergeances

MaPreuve : Protect your ideas,
your creations and inventions.

Good reflexes to maximize the value of the intangible assets of your company.

The coupon code: EMER17MP.
This code allows you to benefit from 35 Credits MaPreuve when purchasing a pack of
25 credits.
Either a pack of 10 Credits offered
or + 40% of credits on the offer.

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From the idea to the creation of the company, through its development until its sale, the guide "Good reflexes" to enhance your business better illuminates you on the new stakes associated with the protection of Intellectual Property .

You will discover how:

• Maintain and enhance your competitive edge.
• Enhance your intangible assets with investors.
• Developing a genuine long-term intellectual property policy.
• You finance through intellectual property.
• Protect yourself from counterfeiting.

Emergeances: CREER Trade fair !

Interventions of Emergeances:

The 10 Mistakes to Make to Miss Bank Financing Part 1

The 10 Mistakes to Make to Miss Bank Financing Part 2

The success of fundraising, crowdfunding, growth tools ... How does it work?

It is time to tackle transparently this factor of success of companies that have anticipated the strengthening of their own capital as part of their growth. This sector seems to benefit from technological advances like crowdfunding ... but it is important to remember the fundamentals, the modalities, the process.

10 years of Emergeances!

Last Friday, June 16, we celebrated our 10th anniversary.
10 years already that we have undertaken to make EMERGEANCES a special actor in the muted universe of corporate finance.

A big thank you to all those present who went to share a coffee, a crescent, who participated in the great tournament of pétanque, who played, who shouted, who joined us during the morning and / or who finally shared a american filet, mexicanos or fricadelle with fries and a beer (we are from North!)

There was an excellent atmosphere and a real pleasure to share these good times between us, a southerly weather (it was only missing the cigales) ..., enjoy with simplicity the simple pleasures of life.

So thank you to the presents and the big players of balls: for all the others ... you missed something, but rest assured it is only part delivery ... you can already block your calendars for Friday June 15, 2018 and Friday 14 June 2019; Because we decided that this morning would be our annual event of EMERGEANCES before we meet at the shows and other congresses of the second semester.

See you soon for an upcoming "Pétanque-Party" anthology.

Mutares Acquires Sonoco Paper France

Emergeances a conseillé les cédants

Pour le cession du site de Schweighouse-sur-Moder 

au groupe

Mutares AG acquires Sonoco Paper France, a French cardboard producer, from Sonoco Products Company. The company generated €32 Mn sales in 2015.

Sonoco Paper France is a cardboard manufacturer, located in Schweighouse-sur-Moder in France. The cardboard produced is mainly used to manufacture tubes and cores, mainly for the hygiene market.

The company benefits from a strong competitive position in France and Germany. In 2015, it generated €32 Mn of sales.




+33(0)6 07 02 80 67  


11-12 SEPTEMBER 2017 :
CREER Trade fair

Emergeances will host 8 workshops this year (details of dates and times to come).

The combination of LINK GESTION and EMERGEANCES initiated on the SALON CRÉER 2016 will continue in 2017 ... we are waiting for you at our booth to explain the advantages.

Emergeances Lille

21 NOVEMBER 2017 :

The Journée de la Transmission



 Caisse d'Epargne Nord France Europe and its partners, CRA

(Cédants et repreneurs d'affaires), Aparté Association, Nord de France region CCI , Réseau Entreprendre and Gazette Nord-Pas-de-Calais, are organizing the Journée de la transmission d'Entreprise (business succession fair) in October in Marcq-en-Baroeul (France).



 Emergeances Lille

Let's meet!

The errors to avoid for
a successful takeover.

In the TV programme Eco&Co of 14/04/2016, 

Florent Guigue, presents the errors to avoid

for a successful takeover. 

This interview is illustrated by a feature on Arnaud Catry, who has taken over a company specialized in building exterior insulating.
with the support of Emergeances!


Job Fair



Emergeances will exhibit at the Salon du Forum de l'Emploi in Marcq-en-Baroeul (France).


More details:


Portraits of entrepreneurs

A gift idea, the book HAPPY Made in NORD, Portraits d'Entrepreneurs.
Find this book in all the good bookshops: Furet du Nord, Cultura, Fnac ...

15 JUNE 2018 :

Want to share a moment of conviviality in the muted universe of corporate finance, meet our team, our partners, our clients?

Since the 10 years of Emergeances of June 16, 2017, we have decided to organize an annual "Petanque Party".

Register for the next edition of
FRIDAY, 15 JUNE 2018.

If this date seems far too distant, we will meet around a coffee during our next fairs and / or simply in the office to share on your ambitions, your projects.

See you soon.


À bientôt.


Annual Petanque Party

The team

Emergeances, a merger & acquisition consulting
firm based in Lille (France)
supports business
owners in their challenges related to
their development and their capitals:

diagnosis-valuation, acquisitiontakeover, 

sale-succession, financing initiative,

reorganization of capital, economic innovation,

and complex and private real estate.

Florent GUIGUE

Managing partner

+33(0)6 08 62 42 61 florentguigue@emergeances.com



+33(0)6 52 25 66 74    





Feel free to contact us or ask us
questions, we will get back to you shortly.

2017 Emergeances


Fusion acquisition Lille



Florent GUIGUE:

Managing partner
Mobile: +33(0)6 08 62 42 61
Mail: florentguigue@emergeances.com 



Registered headquarters:
909, avenue de la République


Tel: +33(0) 320 820 451

Fax: +33(0) 320 827 390


Limited liability company
with a registered capital of €1,000

LILLE METROPOLE commercial register

498 043 066

APE code: 7022Z

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